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The future of Synthetic Monitoring on Splunk

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Recently we showcased 2 Steps at SplunkLive and demonstrated how it has changed the game for synthetic monitoring. Watch our presentation and find out why you no longer need to be an expert in Selenium scripts and why 2 Steps is the most flexible synthetic monitoring capability in the market.

Did you know that now you can automate user journeys across your enterprise & consumer applications in minutes with no coding required? Agentless synthetic monitoring for Microsoft Windows, Mainframe, Citrix, Google Android, Apple iOS  and Web browsers - 2 Steps has you covered!

Digital Customer Experience and Synthetic Monitoring

The digital customer experience (CX) has become mission-critical, especially within mobile apps. Today's consumers have come to expect rich, robust functionality in their mobile applications; with over 2.1 million apps available to Android users and nearly 2 million apps up for download in Apple's app store, mobile phone users have plenty of options when it comes to the applications they download.

Utilising a Synthetic Monitoring capability integrated with Splunk can help your team ensure that customer experience within your application will always be top notch. Your application needs to stand out above the rest if you want to see success. Fortunately, if you're willing to leverage some innovative technologies, there's a simple way to achieve that success.

Watch our presentation at SplunkLive! Melbourne 2019 and learn more about our product and how we can help your organisation.


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