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Learn how to accelerate your observability with 2 Steps

Welcome to 2 Steps Academy, a series of video tutorials that will guide you through best practices for monitoring end-user experiences and goal-oriented synthetic monitoring.

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Lesson 1

Building a Synthetic Monitoring Test with 2 Steps & Splunk

Learn how you can quickly build synthetic tests through 2 Steps and Splunk with no coding and no agents required.

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Lesson 2

Adding Checkpoints & Timing Values

Learn how to add checkpoints to your synthetic monitoring tests with 2 Steps and Splunk. Adjust timing values for warnings and failures to ensure you are notified when application performance degrades.

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Lesson 3

Managing Image Sets and Troubleshooting Tests

Learn more about how 2 Steps use image recognition technology to power the automation for synthetic monitoring tests within Splunk. In this session, you will learn how you can add multiple images to a step within a test and we look at how you can fix tests that have broken due to images changing.

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Lesson 4

Scheduling Tests

In this video, you will learn how to schedule synthetic monitoring tests through 2 Steps for Splunk. See how you can change the frequency of tests, determine which geographical regions you want the test to run from and how often you want to save video replays of tests.

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Lesson 5

Creating Command Key Sequences

Being able to use command keys such as CTRL Z or CTRL ALT Delete in synthetic monitoring tests can be incredibly powerful. Find out how this is possible with 2 Steps and Splunk.

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Lesson 6

Editing a Synthetic Monitoring Test

Discover how quick and simple it is to edit tests using 2 Steps - The Synthetic Monitoring capability delivered through Splunk.

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Lesson 7

Building Synthetic Monitoring for 2FA

Some user journeys will incorporate 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) or One Time Pins (OTP). Find out how 2 Steps is the only Synthetic Monitoring solution for Splunk that can handle these use cases.

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Lesson 8

Using Variables

Discover how you can build variables into your synthetic monitoring tests with 2 Steps for Splunk. Instead of building multiple individual tests, learn how including variables can deliver great flexibility for your synthetic monitoring tests for web, Windows, Citrix or mobile.

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Lesson 9

Automating SSL Certificate Checks

In this video, we're going to look at how 2 Steps can enable organisations to automate SSL certificate checks across their websites. This is particularly useful if the organisation has multiple websites with different anniversary dates for SSL certificates.

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Lesson 10

Results Dashboards

Learn how End-User Experience Performance Data from the 2 Steps synthetic tests can be viewed in Splunk.

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Lesson 11

Advanced Techniques: Scripts, Variables & OCR

Learn how to create tests that can input custom text e.g. today's date and time and check elements on the screen using OCR.

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