Lesson 6: Editing a Synthetic Monitoring Test

Discover how quick and simple it is to edit tests using 2 Steps - The Synthetic Monitoring capability delivered through Splunk.

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In this video, I'm going to be demonstrating how to edit a two steps test. There are many reasons why you may need to modify a test after you've recorded it. Maybe the test has stopped working and you need to update or tweak the images for example, or you might want to improve the name you've assigned to an image set. So, first of all, when it comes to names, you can just click on the name and edit it directly. And the same goes for the image set names. You can just do that directly. Like so note that the editor supports undo and redo using control+z and shift+control+z, or commands on the Mac. So it's easy to back out any mistakes. And I can also use this restore button to restore the test to its last saved state.

To show you how to edit a command. I created this simple test which navigates to the Wikipedia page for synthetic monitoring and then scrolls to the bottom. And you can see what it does as I hover over each of these steps. Now at the second step, you might notice I've done something potentially problematic. If you look at the image I've captured there inside the blue square, you'll notice that the lower left corner includes a little bit of text from the webpage, and that's going to be a problem because if this page gets edited, which of course a will then that 'either' I've caught in the corner there, I may not be there anymore. And the test is going to stop working. So I'm going to want to fix that. Now, one way to do that is to edit the test live by clicking on the number of the step I want to edit and letting it play through then going here to this edit icon and clicking on it and I'll move the command builder out of the way. So I can see what I'm doing now. The screen that's pretty much exactly like a did when I recorded this step.

The main difference is that the command type icons are disabled. I can't change the type of the command in edit mode, but I can fix up that problematic image. And while I'm at it, I could, for example, tweak the extract distance, make that zero. So that it's a perfect vertical drag, for example. So that's all great. However, if you imagine having a much longer test with 50 or a hundred steps say, then having to run the test right through to the step you need to edit, maybe quite inconvenient, especially seeing as you don't actually need to see the current state of the app in order to fix this particular problem. So I'll cancel out of this and reset the test and I'll just go directly here to this edit button and you'll notice the tooltip. Now it says, edit offline. I click that and it now says editing step two offline. And now I can edit this exactly as I did before, except that 2 Steps is using the recorded snapshot of the test screen rather than a live view. I click okay. And my test is fixed. So there you have it. That's how we edit a 2 Steps test.

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