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Synthetic Monitoring for Citrix

Understand application performance for all of your remote sites

2 Steps is a Citrix Ready certified solution and the only agentless synthetic monitoring capability purpose built for Splunk.

Our innovative solution for digital experience monitoring reduces friction for testing of applications. By integrating Citrix with 2 Steps, we bring the power of synthetic monitoring to platforms that it wasn't possible on before.

Find out how we can help you understand performance and availability of any application that is accessed via Citrix.

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"2 Steps is Citrix Ready Partner, providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix"

John Panagulias - Director, Citrix Ready

How does 2 Steps work with Citrix?

2 Steps works because its automation engine is driven by visual recognition. All that 2 Steps requires is a remote frame buffer which is what Citrix provides.

2 Steps generates input events such as mouse and keyboard movements which is what Citrix is natively looking for.

Our synthetic monitoring solution has revolutionised the testing of applications. By visualising the process and removing the hassle of getting developers to code a test, you can save time with 2 Steps.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

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"Our users were experiencing performance issues when using a mission critical application. 2 Steps allowed us to understand application performance across multiple site locations"

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Did we mention our product works with Web apps and integrates with Splunk too?
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