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UX Monitoring 2 Steps

“We were amazed by getting value from 2 Steps so rapidly. The implementation was fast and it was easy to use without any previous expertise in building user transactions.”

Alejandro Marzullo
Systems Analyst - Edenor

"2 Steps are not only offering an exceptional product, their expertise in Splunk, professional services and attention to detail are the best as well. I have dealt with many vendors/service providers in the US & the 2 Steps team are world-class professionals. I’m very happy to have them as partners for years to come."

Anh Nguyen
IT Operations - Allianz US

“We chose to work with 2 Steps due to its tight integration with Splunk and flexibility to work with a variety of platforms.”

Ravi Teja J
Splunk Consultant - NSW GOVERNMENT

"2 Steps is a Citrix Ready Partner providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix.”

John Panagulias
Director - Citrix Ready

"With an extensive heritage in application performance management and end-user experience monitoring, JDS is excited to partner with 2 Steps and bring their unique solution to customers. 2 Steps together with JDS' expertise in synthetic monitoring and Splunk is a great fit for providing a single view of application and end-user performance and availability."

Brian Grant
General Manager - Splunk Practice
2 Steps Observability
End-User Observability for any application
easy-use 2 Steps
Point, Click & Code-less
2 Steps Integrate with the platforms of your choice
Integrate with the platforms of your choice
2 Steps UX Monitoring - Demo

Get 2 Steps ahead of your application performance issues

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2 Steps installation - UX monitoring

The installation process is easy and 2 Steps will guide you through the process

2 Steps - No code tests

Rapidly create tests across your end-user applications, no code required

2 Steps - Automated UX testing

Schedule automated testing to capture performance data and valuable insights

2 Steps - Splunk Integration Partner - Splunk Join

Are you a Splunk User?

Agentless synthetic monitoring, purpose built for Splunk

Learn how 2 Steps seamlessly integrates and enhances your AIOps and application performance monitoring.

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End User Experience Monitoring - 2 Steps

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End User Experience Monitoring - 2 Steps