Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 2 Steps a better alternative to Selenium synthetic monitoring?

Selenium is an outdated synthetic monitoring tool which requires developers to code scripts and is primarily limited to web browsers. 2 Steps is code free and enables everyday professionals to create synthetic automation flows for testing applications across all platforms. Read our blog on this topic here.

Is 2 Steps available for companies outside Australia?

Although 2 Steps is an Australian synthetic monitoring vendor, we can help companies implement our solution globally. Get in touch for a demo and/or trial account.

What does the customer need in regards to infrastructure?

All you need is a Linux server, an existing Splunk installation and a virtual environment containing the software that you want to test. These can be installed on the same or on separate servers.

● Install the 2 Steps Splunk app
● Provide access to a Red Hat 7 derivative server
● Install the 2 Steps RPM package on the server.
● Generate a security token in Splunk so that 2 Steps can provide monitoring data.

Configure 2 Steps with the location of your Splunk installation, the Splunk security token and the location of the virtual environment.

What are the security implications with running 2 Steps for internal applications?

2 Steps on-premise deployment model ensures minimal security implications.

● As the entire system resides inside the client site and there is no “phone home” functionality of any kind, there is no need to allow any additional access to the outside world/internet.
● 2 Steps needs to be given user credentials for the application it automates and network access to the system.
● The client has control over the Linux host on which the software runs and is therefore free to implement security controls such as full disk encryption and access controls.
● Monitoring data is not retained inside 2 Steps but merely forwarded on to Splunk meaning that there is no additional data breach risk implied by the addition of 2 Steps to their environment.

How secure is the customer data? Is it in a separate repository?

The performance data is stored in the customer’s Splunk instance and therefore a separate repository. The artifacts and login credentials are securely stored on the customer’s server.

Can I set up different levels of access? i.e. Deploy User Journey vs. Only see results

The 2 Steps administrator functionality provides the ability to set up different levels of access including test creation, scheduling or simply read only.

Does 2 Steps have a cloud offering?

2 Steps can be installed on-premise, via a private cloud or a public cloud. 2 Steps is a certified Splunk solution for both on-premise and Splunk Cloud.

What support is offered by 2 Steps?

1. Technical assistance with installation and set-up of the Licensed Software
2. Remedies to any error or defect in the Licensed Software not caused by the Customer or the Customer's hosting or operating environments
3. General advice in connection with the normal and intended use and operation of the Licensed Software
4. Explanations and instructions in relation to problems encountered by the Customer during the normal and intended use and operation of the Licensed Software
5. Access to a help desk via email address: or via voice +61 3 98044123

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