Applying synthetic monitoring across virtual desktop environments

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Synthetic Monitoring with VDI

Achieving full end-to-end visibility across today’s service delivery chains requires synthetic monitoring tools that work with virtual desktop environments.

Hybrid Computing with Synthetic Monitoring

More than ever, employee productivity and customer satisfaction depend on the quality of the end-user experience. Problems such as poor application performance, unexpected downtime, and unintuitive navigation can quickly leave employees unable to do their work and customers unable to get the value they expect from your business. Together, these issues have a direct and negative impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

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What's inside...

✅  What is synthetic monitoring?

✅  Why we need synthetic monitoring

✅  The challenge of hybrid computing

✅  How AI enhances the value of synthetic monitoring

✅  Introducing AIOps 

Synthetic Monitoring with VDI and hybrid computing
Learn how to achieve full end-to-end visibility into the entire service delivery chain with 2 Steps.