2FA for 2 Steps Synthetic Testing

Monitoring critical user journeys across applications using 2 Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication is a proven, simple and highly effective method to deliver an additional layer of security to an organization’s IT systems, however, challenging to monitor.

2 Steps is a 2FA synthetic monitoring tool uniquely positioned to deliver an effective, all-encompassing monitoring solution for applications and user journeys that encompass 2FA.

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“Security is better when it’s built in, not bolted on”


Why does a Selenium approach struggle with 2FA?

When automating a web browser using a Selenium based approach, a developer/scripter is required to write the script to automate the browser.

The core problem with the approach is that rather than automating the browser by interacting with it in a visual sense (what is presented on the screen), Selenium cheats by interacting with the browser “in the background” by manipulating the HTML, Javascript and CSS directly.

This weakness becomes more pronounced as soon as the user journey that is being automated leaves the browser in any way.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) applications make this even worse. Rather than interacting with a well-known service on a local network such as IMAP, the developer is forced to interact with rare and hard to maintain software such as a library for Google Authentication or SMS.

"Token related helpdesk tickets can account for 25% of the IT Support workload"


2 Steps & monitoring applications that use 2 Factor Authentication

2 Steps provides a simple approach allowing users to automate a 2 Factor Authentication process.

Due to 2 Steps’ unique automation framework it has the ability to work with a number of 2FA frameworks including SMS and authentication apps such as Google Authenticator.

Today, more and more applications require 2FA for login and customer transactions, which up until now has created challenges for IT Service Delivery teams needing visibility of application performance.

Now you can implement synthetic monitoring across your business critical applications that leverage 2FA with 2 Steps.

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Build Security-forward App Ecosystems

Threat actors don't sleep. And neither should your app security. Every app in your IT ecosystem is under constant threat, and data-hungry breach goblins are breathing down your neck. To score big wins, you need to boost your resiliency and maximize your security architecture. Unfortunately, traditional automated monitoring platforms lack the flexibility and reliability to quickly adapt to security upgrades and tech stack additions.

Suddenly, your entire threat landscape is dictated by the very solution meant to detect threats and minimize user errors. In a world where terms like DevSecOps, agile, IaC, and CI/CD get thrown around like candy, does it really make sense to rely on archaic testing solutions that run and hide when they see a 2FA screen? Let's end the madness.

2 Steps one-of-a-kind engine doesn't rely on scripts or invisible robot agents. We're tech agnostic, stack friendly, and feature-rich. Want to add 2FA to your security arsenal? Looking to adopt the latest-and-greatest shift-left solution? No problem! We play nice. 2 Steps work anywhere, anytime, and with nearly any tech. Time to outmaneuver, out-innovate, and out-smart threats. Welcome to the future of automated monitoring.

Bridging Gaps Between 2FA & Testing

According to Microsoft, 2FA prevents 99.9% of data breaches. But according to most Selenium-based testing solutions, 2FA is an immovable object that restricts testing capabilities. This puts you in a tricky spot. Do you abandon automated user testing and pray your app magically runs issue-free for eternity, or do you ditch 2FA and open your doors to sophisticated attacks and a never-ending stream of threat vectors? Tough choice, right? But what if you didn't have to choose?

2 Steps fuses automated agentless monitoring with a 2FA friendly framework. Unlike other automated monitoring apps, we aren't bound by scripts and agents that get caught up at 2FA logins. Our unique imaging engine interacts with your app in novel ways. We don't just run simple scripts in the background of your browser, we navigate the core visual layer of your applications. This allows us to play nice with 2FA solutions and continue monitoring regardless of security protocols. Don't choose between bad and worse. Choose 2 Steps.

Say Bye-Bye to Selenium

One or two decades ago, Selenium was a kingmaker. If you didn't have an automated monitoring solution running on Selenium, you were doing something wrong. But tech evolves fast. So why hasn't automated monitoring? When Selenium first launched, "the cloud" was still a puffy white rain machine, and automation was limited to Ford factories. Selenium's over-reliance on HTTP, CSS, and Java makes it a liability for modern IT architectures.

At 2 Steps, we're breaking the mold. Our custom-built platform bypasses the archaic Selenium in favor of a more modern engine. We can talk all day. But 2 Steps is something you need to see to believe. Contact us to learn more about our one-of-a-kind solution.

Any Authenticator. Any Time

Do you hate choosing one tech solution based on its integration capabilities with an existing solution? So do we. 2 Steps isn't greedy. We don't limit your 2FA solution based on our back-end. Want to use SMS-based authentication with your automated monitoring solution? Go right ahead? More of a Google Authenticator type of business? Sure thing! Want both? We've got your back.

2 Steps doesn't inhibit your security journey; we accelerate it with world-class monitoring that's useable across your favorite 2FA solutions. We're your monitoring silver bullet. And we're ready to show you what future-driven, customer-centric monitoring really looks like.

2 Steps' No Code Framework Meets Hyper-Usability

Launching mission-critical apps that drive performance, happiness, and revenue is at the heart of every win. And customer-centricity is the anchor that keeps your apps glued to those core tenants. But it's not enough to correct user-impacting issues. You need to predict them across every layer of your app — regardless of any tacked-on security measures.

At 2 Steps, we make customer-centricity a breeze. Our hyper-usable, modern interfaces and no-code front-end gives everyone in your organization a chance to monitor the solutions that impact their daily workflows. You don't need a dev team to whip up a new script or modify code to run 2 Steps in a new environment or in 2FA-enabled ecosystems. We're ready to go straight out of the box. After all, your amazing new app means nothing if it isn't easy-to-use and immensely valuable to the end-user.

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