Synthetic Monitoring for Citrix

Understand application performance for all of your remote sites

2 Steps is a Citrix Ready certified solution and the only agentless synthetic monitoring capability purpose built for Splunk.

Our innovative solution for digital experience monitoring reduces friction for testing of applications. By integrating Citrix with 2 Steps, we bring the power of synthetic monitoring to platforms that it wasn't possible on before.

Find out how we can help you understand performance and availability of any application that is accessed via Citrix.

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"2 Steps is Citrix Ready Partner, providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix"

John Panagulias - Director, Citrix Ready

How does 2 Steps work with Citrix?

2 Steps works because its automation engine is driven by visual recognition. All that 2 Steps requires is a remote frame buffer which is what Citrix provides.

2 Steps generates input events such as mouse and keyboard movements which is what Citrix is natively looking for.

Our synthetic monitoring solution has revolutionised the testing of applications. By visualising the process and removing the hassle of getting developers to code a test, you can save time with 2 Steps.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

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"Our users were experiencing performance issues when using a mission critical application. 2 Steps allowed us to understand application performance across multiple site locations"

Still not impressed?

Total visibility across your app ecosystem: enterprise-scale agentless monitoring for your virtual apps

Do you have a clear view of the usability, accessibility, and functionality of your Citrix apps? 2Steps brings agentless monitoring into the Citrix space with integration-ready solutions purpose-built for your Citrix stack. Don't let app frictions stall your big launch or disappoint your most critical customers. We'll keep you in-the-loop about performance and usability. Let's wipe away the mist and dust so you can focus on what really matters — creating valuable, people-centric solutions that scale.

Scouting problems; unlocking growth: sprint through development with purpose

Every usability issues, accessibility friction, and functionality roadblock has the potential to destroy productivity and drive customers away. You need to know about problems before they impact the end-user. 2 Steps is your crystal ball.  By correlating infrastructure data through platforms like Splunk with user experience data generated from our industry-leading image recognition engine, 2 Steps generates tangible value that reduces time-to-response and generates positive experiences.

2 Steps finds and remediates:

  • App downtime
  • Third-party scripting errors
  • Usability issues
  • Performance dips
  • Low and high-traffic performance frictions
  • Cost-draining resources and issues
  • Failures, bugs, and glitches

We fix your virtual apps before they're broken. Imagine a world of future-proofed and hyper-accessible apps without forcing end-users to eat mistakes? Welcome to the future. 2 Steps helps your apps evolve into disruption machines by bridging easy-to-use monitoring workflows with actionable fixes.

Reimagining the future of monitoring & Virtual Apps

Are you ready to say goodbye to unnecessary focus groups, painstaking end-user monitoring, and long find-fix ticket cycles?

We're not your average synthetic monitoring solution. 2 Steps uses groundbreaking image recognition and cognition to discover issues without annoying code or invisible software agents. You don't deploy 2 Steps; you run it. We work across virtually every platform — including Citrix. Don't waste time weaving together solutions that half-work with virtual apps. Find rich insights, create meaningful changes, and troubleshoot tricky issues without breaking a sweat.

Go ahead. Launch that new app. We'll work wherever you are. Manage your future with platform-agnostic monitoring that works. Any platform. Any time. We're just a click away.

Features galore: feature-rich without impacting usability

Today's software development lifecycle is drowned in tech. We don't avoid your stack. We embrace it. 2 Steps is the first and only agentless monitoring solution built to work seamlessly with Splunk. You want to avoid another window. We hear you. You can view and monitor all of your 2 Steps data directly in Splunk without missing a beat. Better yet, we provide play-by-play videos of every issue our imaging engine detects directly in your Splunk dashboard.

 We play nice with your tech stack. 2 Steps is the glue, not another Jenga piece.

How 2 Steps works with Citrix: a new way of monitoring built for a new way of building apps

Chances are, you've tried to use synthetic monitoring on your Citrix environments before. It's a pain. Not only is it nearly impossible to code and integrate UX monitoring into your Citrix environment, but your experience workflows become clogged with data that requires hefty manual review and double-checking. 2 Steps decided to go another way.

Our visual recognition solution can instantly plug-and-play with your Citrix apps. We use a remote frame buffer to generate mouse and keyboard inputs, and we don't require any front-end or back-end coding or setup. You can launch Citrix in a few minutes — not a few months.

To clarify, that's no agents, no scripting, and no hassle. Why settle for anything else?

Purpose-driven resilience: built for future-proofing, used for accountability

Customers, employees, and clients demand more. In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, no business exists in a black hole. As the global marketplace continues to multiply and diversify, expectations are at an all-time high. 2 Steps helps you minimize testing cycles, maximize experiences, and diversify your testing portfolio.

We have one goal: finding immersion-breaking issues. From coding errors to UX frictions and experience-flow glitches, 2Steps is valuable across your entire app lifecycle. Go ahead. Put us in the gauntlet. We're ready to rock-n-roll.

Take Control of Your Citrix Apps With 2 Steps

From virtual to web, desktop, and mobile, 2 Steps provides actionable insights and detects value-impacting issues before they manifest as tickets. You want to deliver amazing experiences. We want to help. Contact us to learn about our Citrix-ready agentless monitoring platform.

 Not convinced? Book a Demo. Actions speak louder than words. And we're all out of words.

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