Synthetic Monitoring for Terminal/ Mainframe

Safeguard enterprise critical application performance and visualise in Splunk

2 Steps helps bridge the gap between old world technology and new. Create synthetic tests in minutes, with no scripting and view performance data and screencast replays in Splunk.

Find out how 2 Steps can help you understand performance and availability of all your legacy applications.

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"While being bred to be resilient, mainframe applications are not immune to outages and bugs. Even more as they are now constantly changed or even transformed. Continuous application monitoring that is easy to deploy and very easy to change is essential in this modern mainframe era."

Daniel Ruutz

Solution Architech ISI

How does 2 Steps work with Terminal/ Mainframe applications?

2 Steps works because its automation engine is driven by visual recognition. Due to its agentless nature, no code is embedded into the application.

2 Steps generates input events such as mouse and keyboard movements in the same way a user would navigate through the application.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

Still not impressed?

Bringing Cutting-edge to the Old-school

Nearly 90 percent of businesses still use legacy systems that generate tangible value for their organizations. Unfortunately, finding tools that still work with these mainframe apps isn't always easy. With the rise of cloud and modernization, monitoring solutions have quickly shifted their focus to cloud and hybrid apps. Not us. 2 Steps was built to meet the demands of any platform. We mean it. Our state-of-the-art imaging engine requires no code, no scripts, and no fuss.

Eventually, you plan on modernizing core apps. But until then, you need something powerful and flexible enough to handle your robust mainframe apps that help your business tick. 2 Steps brings new-school technology, security, and capabilities to the old school. Get ready. 2 Steps lets you peek inside any app, in any stack — including mainframe solutions.

No Code Meets Mainframe

Your business needs to address the stability and resiliency of every app — regardless of origin or platform. Your mainframe solutions shouldn't be pushed into the dusty dungeons of IT. Every friction point, security gap, and performance blip of your mainframe app still impacts users. Unfortunately, using modern, script-based tools with mainframe solutions usually isn't an option.

2 Steps is changing the game. Our unique visual recognition engine requires no scripts, no bots, and no invisible agents. We don't just plug-and-play with mainframe solutions; we're ready for any platform. Are you ready to run a monitoring solution on your mainframe in a matter of seconds? Mainframe, meet no-code. It's a match made in heaven.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Your apps fuel creativity, spark genuine interest, and imbue people with happiness, satisfaction, and productivity. But technology needs a little love — especially legacy tech. When mainframe apps fail; they fail hard. Worse yet, your completely responsible for every aspect of your mainframe tech, so every hiccup and outage rests on your shoulders. Small issues cause large fires. You can't afford to sink days, weeks, or months into fixing critical mainframe apps.

Chances are, you keep that mainframe tech around for a reason. It serves a critical purpose in your organization, and there's nothing on the market that can replicate its capabilities. 2 Steps gives that old engine fuel. Our one-of-a-kind monitoring workhorse provides full visibility into your on-premise environment. We even provide state-of-the-art reports and feed them straight into your Splunk dashboard.

Any Platform. Any Place. Any Time

Your on-premise mainframe solution exists for a reason. It may have world-class compliance capabilities baked-in, or it may be a unique, one-of-a-kind tech that helps you tackle real-world problems. But it also has a drawback. Most monitoring solutions are built to handle cloud-based stacks. Your physical devices and internal network aren't made for the modern era of monitoring. Or is it?

Is a monitoring solution really "cutting-edge" if it can only handle cloud apps? That's not an upgrade on old technology; it's a fancy pivot. 2 Steps brings new and exciting capabilities to your fingertips. We work on the new. We work on the old. When we say "Any platform. Any place. Any time," we mean it. From mainframe to hybrid to cloud, 2 Steps is monitoring built for the modern organization. Your IT architecture keeps growing increasingly complex. Shouldn't your monitoring solution follow suit?

2 Steps Creates Smiles

You monitor your apps to prevent bugs, frictions, and glitches from impacting your users' amazing experiences. So, why shouldn't your monitoring solution provide that same level of holistic happiness for your organization? At 2 Steps, we're not just innovating on the back-end with advanced visual engines and state-of-the-art reporting. We're re-thinking how monitoring impacts you. Our mission is simple: bring smiles to everyone in the monitoring lifecycle.

Customers love the boutique experiences and purpose-built journeys you provide them. And you'll love the simple, effective, and tech-agnostic platform we've built for you. So, whether you need to test your mainframe for critical bugs or aggregate and analyze experiences across your cloud apps, 2 Steps is here for you. We're a no-code, no-fuss solution with deep Splunk integrations, easy video replays, and unparalleled ease-of-use. Good for your customers. Good for you.


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"For the last 2 years I have been looking for alternatives to our legacy monitoring solution. Something that would align with our Splunk strategy. It was only when I saw 2 Steps that I knew I had found the answer"

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