Synthetic Monitoring for Terminal/ Mainframe

Safeguard enterprise critical application performance and visualise in Splunk

2 Steps helps bridge the gap between old world technology and new. Create synthetic tests in minutes, with no scripting and view performance data and screencast replays in Splunk.

Find out how 2 Steps can help you understand performance and availability of all your legacy applications.

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"While being bred to be resilient, mainframe applications are not immune to outages and bugs. Even more as they are now constantly changed or even transformed. Continuous application monitoring that is easy to deploy and very easy to change is essential in this modern mainframe era."

Daniel Ruutz

Solution Architech ISI

How does 2 Steps work with Terminal/ Mainframe applications?

2 Steps works because its automation engine is driven by visual recognition. Due to its agentless nature, no code is embedded into the application.

2 Steps generates input events such as mouse and keyboard movements in the same way a user would navigate through the application.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

"For the last 2 years I have been looking for alternatives to our legacy monitoring solution. Something that would align with our Splunk strategy. It was only when I saw 2 Steps that I knew I had found the answer"

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