Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile

Android Synthetic Monitoring. Native applications. You name it. 2 Steps delivers.

Synthetic automation for native mobile applications has been a challenge for organisations.

2 Steps has changed the game by allowing anyone to set up synthetic monitoring across native and Android mobile devices.

Find out how 2 Steps ensures your consumer-facing mobile apps are performing how they should be.

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How does 2 Steps work with Mobile applications?

2 Steps leverages almost a decades worth of expertise in automating mobile applications.

Real Android devices are available to perform complex synthetic workflows with performance data and screencast replay made available in Splunk.

Get 2 Steps ahead and ensure your customer's experience of your mobile applications are how they should be.

"Mobile apps have always been a challenge to monitor. 2 Steps is a game-changer"

Splunk + Synthetic Monitoring For Mobile Apps

Your organisation should be deeply concerned with the functionality of any application they release to market.

If you put out an app filled with bugs and centred around a clunky interface, you're going to struggle to create a dedicated user base. 

When you use 2 Steps, your organisation has the freedom to mimic the way a customer might interact with your mobile app. This gives you the freedom to pick out obvious troubles in functionality before the application ever makes it to consumers.

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Mobile-ready and People-centric

Mobile apps are the lifeblood of your business. They connect employees, customers, and clients to the heart of your solutions, and they're your 24/7 workhorses that inspire, engage, and convert. In other words, apps aren't just technology used to help you grow: they're people-driven solutions that bring humans together.

 At 2 Steps, we help you build human-centred app experiences that create tangible connections. Every crash impacts a real person, and every disruption, confusing UI element, and slow load time can cause friction with your most important assets: your people. Let's put poor mobile interactions to bed. 2 Steps provides around-the-clock monitoring that identifies, remediates, and alleviates poor mobile experiences in a heartbeat. Those little mobile bugs disintegrate the awesome adventures your people have on your mobile-driven solutions. Let's go smash some bugs.


We are Problem Solvers

At 2 Steps, we go by many names. We're the "agentless monitoring solution" that uncovers user-impacting issues before they become revenue threats. We're the "digital experience monitoring app" that keeps your customers happy and engaged. And we're the "synthetic monitoring optimization product" that pinpoints mobile threats with real-time analytics and easy-to-consume video replays. But beyond these titles, names, and buzzwords, we're something more: we're problem solvers.

 2 Steps helps you monitor across every mobile experience to identify crashes, third-party conflicts, and API frictions. Better yet, we help you identify actual, real-to-earth functionality and performance issues with your app. These are issues that directly impact the end-user, and our solution can prove that disruption in real-time. Hype and marketing lingo aside, we're disrupting the experience monitoring genre. Any app. Any problem. Any time. Our solution works around-the-clock to destroy threats to your mobile app — no matter what shape those threats take.

Monitor Your Apps in Minutes: Not Months

Time for a dose of truth: most monitoring solutions are a pain in the you-know-what. You spend days, weeks, and months coding them to work with your app, and you have to re-configure them to work across mobile, cloud, desktop, and virtual environments. Let's stop the madness. Shouldn't your monitoring solution work for you out-of-the-box? Why invest in a solution that requires you to do all the work?

2 Steps is a no-code, no-fuss solution that just works. Ditch those agents, bots, and scripting workflows. You need a solution you can launch from anywhere at any time without rushing a team of pros down to the development dungeon. From business users sitting on their couch at home to C-level suits in a boardroom, anyone can launch a 2 Steps instance with a few clicks. We're bringing monitoring to the masses.

Don't Just Fix Problems, Understand Them

Think big. Act boldly. And fix intelligently. Fixing mobile issues shouldn't involve a one-month dev cycle and an endless stream of coffee. Traditional monitoring solutions can identify issues: we make them easy-to-understand. Not only do we pinpoint problems and provide accurate, concise details about each issue, but we leverage replays and video to help you truly understand the problem.

2 Steps isn't an ad-hoc monitoring solution that you throw into your never-ending tech stack. We're a holistic monitoring instrument that will help you become a self-evolving and disruptive organization. Are you ready to create lasting change? Tired of trying to fix apps without context? Welcome to the new reality of mobile app monitoring. We'll find problems you didn't even know you had. And we'll give you the tools and insights you need to fix them in a meaningful and impactful way.

Real-time feedback. Video replays. Contextual information. 2 Steps.

Android Synthetic Monitoring

Your Android-based app has to compete with nearly 3 million other apps in the densely packed Google Play store. If you want to stand on top of the mountain, you need to be strategic and purposefully disruptive. 2Steps doesn't let anything get in your way. Our solution is a 24/7 workhorse that sniffs out flaws, uncovers discrepancies, and hunts down bugs. You shouldn't be wasting you time, energy, and resources dealing with minor inconveniences and customer-impacting bugs. You should be spending time on what really matters — creating an amazing, innovative, and insightful app.

Our game plan is simple. You focus on the ideas and execution. 2Steps will take care of the small stuff. After all, apps are more than just interface issues and bugs. They're amazing, life-impacting solutions that fit into your customers' pockets. We'll drown out the granular annoyances. You focus on the big picture.


The Friendliest Monitoring Solution in the Game

Why should monitoring apps exist in their own little ecosystem? Let's burst that bubble. 2 Steps plays nice with virtually any app. Want to feed your mobile app performance data straight into your Splunk dashboard? We gotcha! Need to run a monitoring solution on your Citrix app a few minutes after setting up monitoring on a mobile app and a desktop? Sure thing! Craving a monitoring solution that can plug-and-play with apps that have 2FA? Beam us up!

2 Steps is the world's friendliest monitoring solution. And we're ready to share our toys.

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