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Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile

iOS or Android Synthetic Monitoring. Native applications. 2 Steps delivers.

Synthetic automation for native mobile applications has been a challenge for organisations.

2 Steps has changed the game by allowing anyone to set up synthetic monitoring across any mobile device, both iOS and Android.

Find out how 2 Steps ensures your consumer facing mobile apps are performing how they should be.

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How does 2 Steps work with Mobile applications?

2 Steps leverages almost a decades worth of expertise in automating mobile applications.

Real iOS & Android devices are available to perform complex synthetic workflows with performance data and screencast replay made available in Splunk.

Get 2 Steps ahead and ensure your customer's experience of your mobile applications are how they should be.

"iOS applications have always been a challenge to monitor. 2 Steps is a game changer"

Splunk + Synthetic Monitoring For Mobile Apps

Your organisation should be deeply concerned with the functionality of any application they release to market.

If you put out an app filled with bugs and centred around a clunky interface, you're going to struggle to create a dedicated user base. 

When you use 2 Steps, your organisation has the freedom to mimic the way a customer might interact with your mobile app. This gives you the freedom to pick out obvious troubles in functionality before the application ever makes it to consumers.

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2 Steps also gives you the ability to automate 2FA as well
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