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Monitoring the Impossible


Realise the full benefits of 2 Steps in your end-user experience monitoring. This webinar series walks you through the 6 degrees of observation as featured in the Monitoring the Impossible eBook. 

Beyond Selenium - Webinar -2 Steps

Beyond Selenium

Synthetic Monitoring for the 2020s

In this webinar learn how to rapidly build tests without coding and see how you can maximise your observability across all applications, not just web.

Understand the challenges and limitations of Selenium and how you can overcome them with 2 Steps technology.

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Web, Citrix, Windows, Mobile_ 2 Steps A Universal Automator

Web, Citrix, Windows, Mobile

2 Steps A Universal Automator

How do you ensure your applications are always performing at their best? Slow performance in your applications can significantly impact employee productivity and end-user experience. 

In the next instalment of the Monitoring the Impossible series, learn how 2 Steps can be your universal solution to automating synthetic monitoring across your applications.

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Looking through a single pane of glass - 2 Steps a Splunk native solution (1)

Looking Through One Pane of Glass

2 Steps Observability

Do you find yourself struggling to manage your infrastructure and end-user performance data across multiple dashboards?

Take a look at 2 Steps as your Splunk-native solution, allowing you to create, edit and schedule tests, review the data they generate, all without leaving Splunk.


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Stop coding, start clicking - 2 Steps

Stop coding, start clicking

A Splunk Technical Application Partner

In this webinar get ready to unlock the power of combining visual and element matching to build more robust testing. You will also learn how to avoid simple test failures without coding and broaden your monitoring capabilities for web applications eg. 2FA.

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