Extending the power of Splunk

2 Steps is a Splunk certified application that delivers synthetic monitoring capabilities to Splunk users.

The strength of 2 Steps lies in its ability to automate user workflows incredibly quickly as no scripting is required and the user never has to leave the Splunk interface when building tests or viewing results.

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One pane of glass

All of the performance data that is produced by 2 Steps is pushed directly into your Splunk database and displayed in Splunk dashboards.

Pre-canned synthetic reports are out of the box and if you want to customise to your hearts content, we've got your back. This is due to the open data model of 2 Steps which can be parsed with Splunk's native query language.

Did we mention screencast replay of performance issues directly in Splunk? Check it out here

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Agentless monitoring, meet Splunk: built for Splunk; purpose-built for you

2 Steps is the only agentless monitoring solution that's built and certified to work naturally with the Splunk platform. We mean it. We aren't just plug-and-play with Splunk; we deliver tangible value to Splunk users and eat up Splunk infrastructure data to drive better monitoring insights.

Imagine this: never having to leave the Splunk interface to monitor your apps. 2 Steps delivers real-time user experience data to Splunk —including screencast replay videos of issues. Don't waste time trying to scale ad-hoc monitoring solutions built on Selenium. We're ready to play ball with your tech stack. And you won't even have to click over to a new window to find your in-need data.

The Window of Truth: eliminating redundancies — one window at a time

Is your dev team tired of opening five-hundred windows every app cycle? We're not going to be one of those windows. 2 Steps data is pushed directly into your Splunk dashboard for easy viewing. Don't give us all the credit. Splunk's incredible visualization layer is ripe for the picking. By combining a unique open data model with an industry-leading image recognition platform, we can quickly parse Splunk's native query language to deliver real-time insights to your dashboard.

Get a pulse on your app without dropping a beat. We take a sledgehammer to traditional monitoring cycles. You should be able to rally under one banner. 2 Steps + Splunk; it just makes sense.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger: welcome to your new launchpad

Competitive agility isn't found; it's created. 2 Steps helps you execute apps without missing a blink. A significant chunk of the SDLC is spent wrapped up in test-and-fix. Let's add some adrenaline to that part of the app cycle. We let you rapidly find, fix, and investigate issues through the Splunk dashboard.

Is it bragging if we say we'll change your life? We built 2 Steps to cut out the clunky interfaces and annoying tech stack shuffling. Let's get back to the basics: creating powerful tech.

Customize to your hearts content: your reports, your way

You're not a run-of-the-mill company. So we don't give you run-of-the-mill reporting. 2 Steps immediately sends pre-canned monitoring reports to your dashboard, but we're not limited by that initial setup. You can quickly customize your reports to fit your exact needs. Need a little more info? Want to bring minimalism back to the table? No problem! If that's the way you want it, that's the way you'll get it.

Be honest; you're tired of out-of-the-box solutions with limited customization, aren't you? We all are! We spent years developing Splunk to be as simple and customizable as possible. You can have your cake and eat it too.

In a nutshell: easy to use, unparalleled customization, and out-of-the-box usability.

See in Splunk; use in any app: you can use 2 Steps on any platform... seriously!

We aren't your average Selenium-based synthetic monitoring solution. 2 Steps is a one-of-the-kind monitoring solution that uses image recognition and best-in-class engines to fix issues across platforms — no coding required. Seems impossible, right? You certainly need Java, Ruby, Python, or #C to initiate 2 Steps in certain environments... don't you?

Nope! From web apps to windows, mobile, and Citrix, we're ready to take on any challenge. 2 Steps is a no-code platform that's ready for any platform, any time. Stop wasting time developing solutions meant to help you maximize your development lifecycle. That doesn't even make sense!

Let's go back to the basics of love. We're out-of-the-box ready for anything. Bring it on.

Built for literally anyone: forget Dev & Ops; we're universally usable

There's an old adage: developers aren't the users. Amazing insights come from anywhere and everywhere. You shouldn't be limited by usability. Traditionally, synthetic monitoring has been stuck in the Dev and Ops corner. After all, coding scripts and reading chicken scratch outputs isn't exactly "user-friendly."

We're different.

2 Steps is a no-code platform built to be used by anyone on your team. From C-level down, 2 Steps brings insights to anyone on the team. Want stakeholder buy-in? We generate screencast replays of every issue. Leave the reports and slideshows at home. We've got this. We're the easiest-to-use synthetic monitoring solution in the world. Count on it.

Splunk it up: contact us for a live demo

We picked Splunk because you picked Splunk. 2 Steps is the world's most user-friendly synthetic monitoring solution. From rapid-fire testing to play-by-play videos and a no-code infrastructure, 2 Steps was built to simply testing. By leveraging Splunk's dynamic and powerful platform, we bring insights directly to your dashboard.

Are you ready to experience Splunk-friendly monitoring that will reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and bridge teams together? Contact us.

Not a believer? Try a demo. Prepare to be mind-blown.

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