Synthetic Monitoring for Windows

At last there is an alternative to Selenium and API based methods

2 Steps has the ability to work with any Windows application including platforms using Single-Sign On or Active Directory.

Find out how 2 Steps ensures you are across your user experience.

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"Trying to get synthetic monitoring tests up and running for Windows Single-Sign On applications was incredibly difficult... until we found 2 Steps"

How does 2 Steps work with Windows applications?

2 Steps is built on visual recognition and mouse and keyboard events which is exactly how Windows is designed to be interfaced with.

Straight out of the gate we have a system that naturally maps to a Windows automation framework.

Our solution is built to simplify synthetic monitoring for users. All you need to do is use an application as you normally would to map an automation flow. Gone are the days where you need a developer to code a script in Selenium.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

"Most Synthetic Monitoring tools rely on the DOM or leveraging APIs. This is why it is problematic for Selenium based products to work with Windows. 2 Steps has no such challenges"

Resolving Selenium Synthetic Monitoring Difficulties

2 Steps resolves the issues that come with synthetic automation on Windows.

Our unique solution works with native code and can run on any platform. It is not limited to browser-based alternatives such as selenium synthetic monitoring.

Read our blog post on this topic to find out more.

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No Code. No Fuss. No Problem.

Has your monitoring solution lived up to its promise? Proving value with monitoring isn't easy. Between coding new workflows, trying to bypass tricky Single Sign On features, and digging through code to find issues, simply launching a monitoring solution on your new Windows app is a development-drenched headache. Let's pull the breaker. This isn't what you were promised. You were told that monitoring would help you generate experiences, solve critical issues, and generate growth. Instead, it's weighing you down and sapping your energy.

At 2 Steps, we help you ditch the monitoring development cycle. You can plug-and-play 2 Scripts into any Windows environment without a single line of code. Our synthetic workhorse uses an intelligent image engine to monitor, detect, and alert without any "agents" or "scripts." We're not just no-code. We're no fuss. We allow any user in your organization to optimize your apps and drive new levels of engagement and authenticity. Monitoring Windows environments doesn't have to be a pain. Welcome to the future.

Full Stack Support: Front-end and Back-end

Are you tired of running new monitoring solutions or coding new workflows for every app in your stack? You need operational insights across every layer of your tech stack, and you need those insights yesterday. 2 Steps is an environment-agnostic solution that helps you understand and monitor your entire constellation of apps — regardless of their environment or third-party integrations. Each 2 Steps instance runs inside a well-executed virtual machine. That means no dependencies, no environment frictions, and no ad-hoc coding.

Monitoring solutions should help you execute fixes and detect user issues in a profitable and growth-friendly ecosystem. We make monitoring a scalable, agile, and cost-effective way to build trust and reduce pain points. Fix with speed. Act with confidence. Resolve with purpose. From Citrix to Windows, mobile, mainframe, browsers, and beyond, 2 Steps works across any environment. Seriously.

Helping You Create Spectacular Experiences

Winning today's digital war requires strategic, creative, and purpose-driven solutions. Customers won't settle for second-rate apps, clunky interfaces, slow load times, or usability frictions. Your company needs to unify every app to deliver curated, experience-driven interactions. The customer experience isn't just a value-driver: it's the connective tissue that keeps your organization bound to growth. Customers expect the best experiences. We help you give them to them.

2 Steps galvanizes apps to go above-and-beyond the CX expectations. Our world-class workflows and digitally-charged monitoring solution sniffs our clunky, awkward, and stingy UI issues before they impact the end-user. Sure. 2 Steps can immediately alert you to any game-breaking bugs or critical failures. But we go above-and-beyond the basics. We help you meet customers' hidden and constantly changing needs. With video playback, Splunk integrations, and detailed and accurate failure identification, we take a sledgehammer to CX frictions by putting mission-critical experiences at the heart of your business.

For Employees. For Customers. For You

Monitoring Windows apps promises to boost experiences, value, and profitability. But those benefits shouldn't come at the expense of productivity. Let's be honest: waiting for a team of crack developers to custom-code your monitoring solution before and after every little app iteration is a pain. You want your monitoring solution to work for you — not against you.

2Steps deliver quantifiable, experience-driven impact to your end-users without weighing down your app lifecycle. Anyone can launch 2Steps. Anyone. From C-level to accounting, development, and marketing, 2Steps no-code architecture makes launching your monitoring solution a breeze. Don't waste precious hours knocking on your dev team's door to run a quick monitoring instance. Deliver best-in-class monitoring cycles from anywhere in the office.

Let's bring back simple.

We Offer a Bespoke, Selenium-free Architecture

You have plenty of monitoring software choices. But there aren't any quite like us. We're a selenium-free, agentless, and experience-centric solution that's custom-built to handle virtually any app across any environment. So, why did we build a one-of-a-kind monitoring solution based on custom architecture while virtually all of our competitors leveraged open-source Selenium? Because, unlike Selenium apps, 2 Steps can:

  • Work across all browsers
  • Be deployed without any technical know-how
  • Naturally integrate with Splunk
  • Work with MFA/2FA
  • Monitor mainframe apps
  • Work seamlessly across Windows apps
  • Work with native mobile apps and Citrix virtual servers

2 Steps was purpose-built to negate the downfalls of Selenium-based monitoring solutions. And we're here to change the game. Have your handy-dandy sledgehammer ready? Let's break down some age-old monitoring walls.

2 Steps Plays Nice

Have you ever wanted to deploy a synthetic monitoring solution to an app with SSO without breaking out the crowbar and a team of super-intelligent developers? Are you looking to make monitoring a part of your tech stack without making it a labour-intensive part of your daily workflow? We've got your back. 2 Steps is the most user-friendly, app-friendly, and third-party friendly synthetic monitoring solution on the planet. We'll feed reports, data, and issues directly into your Splunk dashboard, generate real-time video feeds of every issue our solution encounters, and integrate with nearly any app or browser in your digital repertoire. Get ready to rethink everything you know about monitoring.

Let's build amazing, boundaryless experiences built on smart architecture and customer-employee experiences. Join the revolution.

Did you know 2 Steps works with Two-factor Authentication as well?
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