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Synthetic Monitoring for Windows

At last there is an alternative to Selenium and API based methods

2 Steps has the ability to work with any Windows application including platforms using Single-Sign On or Active Directory.

Find out how 2 Steps ensures you are across your user experience.

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"Trying to get synthetic monitoring tests up and running for Windows Single-Sign On applications was incredibly difficult... until we found 2 Steps"

How does 2 Steps work with Windows applications?

2 Steps is built on visual recognition and mouse and keyboard events which is exactly how Windows is designed to be interfaced with.

Straight out of the gate we have a system that naturally maps to a Windows automation framework.

Our solution is built to simplify synthetic monitoring for users. All you need to do is use an application as you normally would to map an automation flow. Gone are the days where you need a developer to code a script in Selenium.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

"Most Synthetic Monitoring tools rely on the DOM or leveraging APIs. This is why it is problematic for Selenium based products to work with Windows. 2 Steps has no such challenges"

Resolving Selenium Synthetic Monitoring Difficulties

2 Steps resolves the issues that come with synthetic automation on Windows.

Our unique solution works with native code and can run on any platform. It is not limited to browser-based alternatives such as selenium synthetic monitoring.

Read our blog post on this topic to find out more.

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