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synthetic monitoring
with Splunk

Discover why 2 Steps is the most flexible synthetic monitoring product in the market.

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welcome to the world of experience automation

Customer experience is now a key differentiator for top organisations, and automation gives brands more time to focus on high priority initiatives. 

2 Steps is a groundbreaking synthetic monitoring capability that enables organisations to automate customer interaction with applications. 

2 Steps delivers valuable insight into how product changes affect customer experience for development teams, product managers and IT operations.


agentless monitoring

Setting up synthetic monitoring should be fast and simple. Use the application as a user normally would and watch 2 Steps do the rest.

 It's mind-blowingly easy.

No coding synthetic monitoring

any application monitoring

Our patented synthetic monitoring capability lets 2 Steps work with any platform, from mobile (iOS and Android) to mainframe and everything in between (including Citrix).

Applications with 2 factor authentication can also be automated using 2 Steps.

Windows citrix mainframe web mobile synthetic monitoring

session replay monitoring

Have you tried explaining platform issues to people outside of development, operations or security?
You’ve probably heard “In English, please”

How do you solve that? What if you could replay the platform issue on demand?

Show, instead of tell, with 2 Steps.

video replay synthetic monitoring

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

From the beginning we saw the power of delivering an experience automation capability for Splunk customers.

Organisations prefer one pane of glass when viewing critical business metrics. 2 Steps delivers data and video replays directly into the Splunk dashboard. IT Operations require one incident management platform. 2 Steps integrates into your platform of choice (VictorOps, xMatters, ServiceNow, PagerDuty).

Connect 2 Steps data to other data assets in Splunk and let IT teams grasp the root cause of issues fast and reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution).

splunk synthetic monitoring

Why 2 Steps?

Automate customer journeys in minutes. Deliver exceptional customer experience.
Make speed and reliability your competitive advantage.

video replays

Communicate easily with all stakeholders and see what users are experiencing.

integrated into Splunk

2 Steps data and video replays delivered straight into your Splunk dashboards and alerts sent to your incident management platform of choice (xMatters, PagerDuty, VictorOps, ServiceNow).

rapid automation

Deploy quickly with no coding required. Simply point, click and run.

reduce MTTR

Move towards an AI Ops environment by correlating 2 Steps data with Splunk data assets.

any application

2 Steps gives total flexibility, working with all mobile devices (iOS, Android), application types (Mobile, Web, Windows, Citrix) and browser types (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

flexible delivery

Deploy 2 Steps with Splunk on-premise or Splunk Cloud.


synthetic monitoring across any platform

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