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2 Steps accelerates End User Observability, protecting your enterprise applications and customer experience.
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Observability platform for VDI, Citrix, Windows
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Applying synthetic monitoring across virtual desktop environments


Learn to achieve full end to end visibility across the entire software delivery stack with synthetic monitoring tools that work with virtual desktop environments in the latest White Paper from 2 Steps.


Point, Click & Codeless

2 Steps Synthetic Monitoring can automate user transaction testing across your enterprise & consumer applications with no coding required.

No scripts, no agents, no worries.

Citrix for webpage

End-User Observability for any application

A robust early warning system that empowers your IT team to diagnose application performance issues before it impacts your employee productivity & end-user experience.

2 Steps for Splunk

Are you a Splunk User?

Agentless synthetic monitoring, purpose-built for Splunk

2 Steps in under 60 seconds

Find out how to enhance your end-user observability across your applications with 2 Steps. 

“We were amazed by getting value from 2 Steps so rapidly. The implementation was fast and it was easy to use without any previous expertise in building user transactions.”

Alejandro Marzullo
Systems Analyst - Edenor

"2 Steps are not only offering an exceptional product, their expertise in Splunk, professional services and attention to detail are the best as well. I have dealt with many vendors/service providers in the US & the 2 Steps team are world-class professionals. I’m very happy to have them as partners for years to come."

Anh Nguyen
IT Operations - Allianz US

“We chose to work with 2 Steps due to its tight integration with Splunk and flexibility to work with a variety of platforms.”

Ravi Teja J
Splunk Consultant - NSW GOVERNMENT

"2 Steps is a Citrix Ready Partner providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix.”

John Panagulias
Director - Citrix Ready

"With an extensive heritage in application performance management and end-user experience monitoring, JDS is excited to partner with 2 Steps and bring their unique solution to customers. 2 Steps together with JDS' expertise in synthetic monitoring and Splunk is a great fit for providing a single view of application and end-user performance and availability."

Brian Grant
General Manager - Splunk Practice
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Get 2 Steps ahead (1)