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Synthetic Monitoring with Splunk

2 Steps + Splunk

Automate user journeys across your enterprise & consumer applications in minutes with no coding required. Windows, Mainframe, Citrix, Mobile & Web – 2 Steps has you covered!

We are the leading agentless synthetic monitoring vendor based in Melbourne, Australia.

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“Synthetic Monitoring is the most effective way of quickly developing baseline performance of your mission critical applications”

Nadia Smith

Digital and Corporate Systems Delivery Manager - Coles


Most large enterprises still rely on terminal applications. Now you can have synthetic monitoring integrated with Splunk.


Do you need to understand application performance at remote sites running on Citrix? We've got you.


Coverage for all your client/server applications running on windows. Even single sign-on.


2 Steps use real apple devices to ensure your consumer-facing apps are performing how they should.


Real Android devices or emulator, 2 Steps has the ability to run synthetic tests without any embedded agents.


Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge. Spin up tests in seconds.


Extend the power of Splunk

Agentless synthetic monitoring, purpose built for Splunk
  • One pane of glass
  • Video replays
  • Combine end user experience data with infrastructure data
  • Integrate with your preferred alerting platform
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2 Steps in under 60 seconds

Find out what makes 2 Steps
the synthetic monitoring disruptor.


Citrix Ready

Performance data for enterprise applications accessed via Citrix. Automate user journeys and unlock performance metrics across all remote locations.

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What makes us unique

You could have another dashboard for synthetic monitoring, but we're guessing you would prefer your data in Splunk.

You could spend hours scripting up tests in Selenium or you could let 2 Steps automate that process for you.

You might prefer using line graphs and bar charts when describing the end-user experience. We think video replays might be easier.

...and if you're trying to maintain multiple versions of scripts for the same test across different platforms - YIKES!
2 Steps is one solution for any flavour of platform your applications run on.  

Fully Integrated into Splunk
No scripts, No Selenium, No Worries
Video replays in Splunk…Check
Any Platform, Anywhere

"2 Steps is a Citrix Ready Partner, providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix"

John Panagulias, Director, Citrix Ready

Video replays

View exactly what your users are experiencing
  • Playback of performance issues in Splunk dashboards
  • Replay on demand
  • Available across any application
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