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Synthetic Monitoring with Splunk

Stop wasting time building individual tests for your application. 2 Steps Synthetic Monitoring can automate user transactions testing across your enterprise & consumer applications with no coding required.

Windows, Mainframe, Citrix, Mobile & Web – 2 Steps has you covered!

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2 Steps synthetic monitoring with Splunk

“We were amazed by getting value from 2 Steps so rapidly. The implementation was fast and it was easy to use without any previous expertise in building user transactions.”

Alejandro Marzullo
Systems Analyst - Edenor

"2 Steps are not only offering an exceptional product, their expertise in Splunk, professional services and attention to detail are the best as well. I have dealt with many vendors/service providers in the US & the 2 Steps team are world-class professionals. I’m very happy to have them as partners for years to come."

Anh Nguyen
IT Operations - Allianz US

“We chose to work with 2 Steps due to its tight integration with Splunk and flexibility to work with a variety of platforms.”

Ravi Teja J
Splunk Consultant - NSW GOVERNMENT

"2 Steps is a Citrix Ready Partner providing valuable synthetic monitoring capabilities for applications being accessed via Citrix.”

John Panagulias
Director - Citrix Ready

"With an extensive heritage in application performance management and end-user experience monitoring, JDS is excited to partner with 2 Steps and bring their unique solution to customers. 2 Steps together with JDS' expertise in synthetic monitoring and Splunk is a great fit for providing a single view of application and end-user performance and availability."

Brian Grant
General Manager - Splunk Practice
Splunk-Certified Synthetic Monitoring Solution

Extend the power of Splunk

Agentless synthetic monitoring, purpose built for Splunk
• Splunk-certified synthetic monitoring solution
One pane of glass
Video replays
Combine end-user experience data with infrastructure data
Integrate with your preferred alerting platform
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2 Steps in under 60 seconds

Find out what makes 2 Steps
the synthetic monitoring disruptor.


Citrix Ready

Performance data for enterprise applications accessed via Citrix. Automate user journeys and unlock performance metrics across all remote locations.

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What makes us unique

You could have another dashboard for synthetic monitoring, but we're guessing you would prefer your data in Splunk.

You could spend hours scripting up tests in Selenium or you could let 2 Steps automate that process for you.

You might prefer using line graphs and bar charts when describing the end-user experience. We think video replays might be easier.

...and if you're trying to maintain multiple versions of scripts for the same test across different platforms - YIKES!
2 Steps is one solution for any flavour of platform your applications run on.  

Fully Integrated into Splunk
No scripts, No Selenium, No Worries
Video replays in Splunk…Check
Any Platform, Anywhere

Video replays

View exactly what your users are experiencing
  • Playback of performance issues in Splunk dashboards
  • Replay on demand
  • Available across any application
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Let's recap!

Integrated with Splunk

2 Steps naturally integrates with your favorite cloud-based data platform — Splunk. Our world-class agentless monitoring solution instantly sends rich reports and data feeds directly to your Splunk dashboard, no fuss involved. This isn't your run-of-the-mill integration. 2 Steps digests Splunk infrastructure to deliver better monitoring solutions. In turn, we push that data straight back to your dashboard. From screencast replays to alerts, issue monitoring, and reporting, we make it easy to quickly find the monitoring data you need from the dashboard you love.

Did you know the average employee wastes 32 days a year flipping through apps? It's madness. Let's break the trend. After all, what good is Splunk's world-class visualization layer if you can't leverage it to garner actionable insights? Monitoring shouldn't be a pain-filled journey of windows and scripts. 2 Steps + Splunk: the perfect match for the perfect stack.

Monitor Android apps

2 Steps helps you monitor, grow, and scale apps that drive revenue, generate growth, and empower people. But delivering disruptive, customer-centric experiences across every avenue is harder than it sounds. You need a monitoring solution built to handle the complex Android app landscape, and you certainly need an around-the-clock solution capable of discovering gaps and experience-destroying bugs before they reach your end-user. 2 Steps isn't "just" another app monitoring solution. We're a platform-agnostic workhorse capable of creating value for employees, customers, and people.

Your Android app is at the heart of your business strategy. 2 Steps one-of-a-kind engine provides 24/7 monitoring across the development lifecycle and beyond. From ideation to post-launch support, 2 Steps validates your digital experiences with in-depth reporting, unparalleled monitoring, and easy-to-digest video replays. Better yet, we disintegrate barriers between monitoring and technical know-how. Anyone can launch a 2 Steps instance from anywhere in the organization. No code. No fuss. No problems.

Monitor Windows applications

2 Steps makes it easy to test your rich apps across Windows environments. Our unique non-Selenium-based engine allows us to work seamlessly across browsers, platforms, and native code. You built your Windows app to accomplish critical business goals and solve tangible, user-impacting problems. But when you try to pair traditional monitoring solutions with your amazing solution, things get tricky. Suddenly, you're forced to script new instances with every update, find complex workarounds to simple features like Single Sign-On, and patch together a monitoring instance that actually solves problems — not creates them.

The madness must stop! 2 Steps provides operational intelligence across your stack, regardless of your app's origin or platform. Not only does 2 Steps instantly work with Single Sign-On and other powerful Windows features, but we give you the reporting features and intelligence-driven capabilities you need to make your Windows apps better. At the end of the day, that's what really matters. You want to streamline your app to deliver exception experiences to every user. We make it happen.

Citrix Ready

Hybrid and cloud environments are notoriously tricky to monitor. While Citrix makes it easy to launch and maintain apps in these cloud spaces, you need a robust, platform-agnostic monitoring solution to complement your stack. 2 Steps is capable of monitoring across every layer of Citrix. We plug directly into Citrix's remote frame buffer to offer 24/7, hyper-secure monitoring on your favourite Citrix apps.

Don't let bugs, scripting errors, usability issues, performance dips, and glitches impact your end-user and tank your productivity. 2 Steps is ready to battle app frictions in your Citrix environment. From Citrix VM to VDA, we're ready to roll. Welcome to the future of virtual machine monitoring.

Alternative to Selenium

The majority of monitoring solutions are built on the bones of the incredibly popular open-source framework Selenium. But Selenium isn't perfect. And it's far from ideal in today's dense and hyper-competitive app landscape. Not only is Selenium limited to web applications, but it's constantly interrupted by script-breaking updates, tedious coding requirements, and annoying dependencies. Should you really have to custom-code a new script for every monitoring run? Should monitoring really be limited to a few web-based applications? We don't think so. 2 Steps humanizes and modernizes the monitoring landscape. Our purpose-built engine can handle nearly any app on nearly any platform. Seriously.

We don't use robots or scripts to monitor your solutions for critical issues. Our specialized imaging engine detects friction points around the clock without dumping complicated scripts into your workflow. Monitoring shouldn't be your bottleneck. 2 Steps helps you create fast, beautiful, secure, and customer-centric applications that solve real user problems using proven monitoring capabilities. We want your experiences to be as powerful as they can be. It's that simple.

2 Factor Authentication

Microsoft says 2FA prevents 99.9% of account-based attacks. Yet many monitoring solutions are incompatible with 2FA. So, what do you do? Pray your app never runs into an issue? Forgo 2FA and open your app up to account-based attacks? What if you didn't have to choose? Hackers shouldn't be able to bypass 2FA. Your monitoring solution should. 2 Steps is battle-tested against virtually every platform and app feature — including 2FA. Since we use an image-based engine instead of scripts or robots, our solution works seamlessly around 2FA environments.

2 Steps works with Google Authenticator, SMS-based authenticators, and everything in between. We know that app projects are never truly finished. You still need monitoring in live environments to catch problems before they become user-impacting issues. 2 Steps enabled continuous quality and continuous improvement across every stage in the lifecycle. And we don't let must-have features like 2FA stand in our way.

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