2 Steps & Web Applications

Delivering synthetic monitoring on your consumer facing websites & internal web applications

Picking the right synthetic monitoring capability is an important part of your IT service delivery strategy. Many developers choose agents or hooking into APIs but this approach comes with limitations.

Allow us to explain why agentless automation for your web application will put you 2 Steps ahead of the competition.

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“I was extremely surprised how quickly we could build tests”


2 Steps vs. Selenium

When automating a web browser using Selenium, a developer is required to write a script to automate the test

This is a time consuming approach and creates a high cost of ownership as many scripts are typically required for multiple tests across multiple browsers.

Challenges with Selenium become even more pronounced as soon as the user journey leaves the browser in any way e.g. 2 Factor Authentication.

With 2 Steps, all of these problems are solved for you.

2 Steps allows you to easily create new tests, on any type of browser, as it records you performing the action without worrying about the type of browser or application.

No Code, No Agents, No Worries.

“We have exponentially sped up implementing synthetic monitoring tests across or web applications by using 2 Steps“

2 Steps, Splunk & the health of your web applications

Users of your web applications expect speed and reliability whether it is a customer facing website or an international system accessed by employees.

2 Steps provides a baseline for what is acceptable performance and alerts you when something is broken from a User Experience standpoint.

When this is combined with Splunk’s intelligence it unlocks critical insight into what parts of your IT infrastructure need to be investigated.

Empower your IT teams to get to the root cause quickly and ensure your user experience across your web applications is not impacted.


Still not impressed?

Why Synthetic Monitoring for Web Should Cover Every Touchpoint?

We all know that winning the customer experience war increases loyalty, improves profits, and drives brand growth. But what about the stick? Customers expect perfection at every turn. In the past, squeezing out an app with a few bugs was no biggie. Today, even the smallest hiccups result in lost revenue, angry customers, and churn.

With 2 Steps, you can pinpoint those "tiny" issues before they become big problems. Our world-class platform galvanizes your entire business behind the banner of customer-centricity and UX perfection. Detect issues around the clock with our fully automated, agentless monitoring solution. 2 Steps doesn't build great experiences; we help you deliver them. Don't let that awesome project go to waste due to a few unplanned loading frictions, 404 pages, or broken modules. Deliver the experience your team worked diligently to deliver.

Any Browser. Any Time.

No two users are the same. You have people connecting to your rich web app via Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Samsung internet. Chances are, your app is browser-agnostic. But is your monitoring solution? Most monitoring platforms are built with Selenium — a notoriously script-heavy framework. This forces you to maintain scripts for every browser, often resulting in inconsistent experiences and browser favouritism.

At 2 Steps, we're all about browser equality. Our solution works across every browser out-of-the-box. We don't rely on archaic monitoring frameworks like Selenium. We built 2 Steps from the ground up to work with any environment. That's right! No extra scripts, no browser-specific workloads, just smooth sailing. After all, shouldn't monitoring enable you to create better solutions — not put your app into a browser-based box?

What is your greatest achievement?

The customer experience within mobile apps has become mission-critical. Today's consumers have come to expect rich, robust functionality in their mobile applications; with over 2.1 million apps available to Android users and nearly 2 million apps up for download in Apple's app store, mobile phone users have plenty of options when it comes to the applications they download.

Utilising an Experience Automation capability can help your team ensure that customer experience within your application will always be top notch. Your application needs to stand out above the rest if you want to see success. Fortunately, if you're willing to leverage some innovative technologies, there's a simple way to achieve that success.

Watch our presentation at SplunkLive! Melbourne 2019 and learn more about our product and how we can help your organisation.

Splunk-enabled Goodness

Tools like Splunk have enabled a renaissance of cybersecurity, app intelligence, and DevOps. And we love it! So, we thought it would be pretty cool if 2 Steps sent your monitoring information directly to your Splunk dashboard, wouldn't it? Well... that's exactly what we did. 2 Steps seamlessly integrates with Splunk.

Let's be honest: you don't want to flip between 10 windows every time you build out a killer app. We're proud of our killer dashboard, but we also built our company to be user-centric. It's in our DNA. So, we took the bold step of completely integrating with Splunk.

So Easy, Anyone Can Use It

Why should monitoring data be locked behind hyper-complicated scripts and dense pages of code? Business leaders need to understand app issues to forge actionable game plans. General users need to be able to quickly run a monitoring solution if they encounter an issue, and devs shouldn't have to waste precious hours breaking down a mountain of code for every bug.

At 2 Steps, we're breaking down the walls. We're a no-code, no-fuss monitoring solution. From devs to business users and C-level, anyone can run 2 Steps in a matter of minutes. Imagine a world where monitoring wasn't chained to technical experience. After all, your app was made for everyone — not just devs. Why shouldn't managers be able to peer into the health of your solution? Why should monitoring sit behind lock-and-key? It's time to re-think monitoring usability. 2 Steps is for everyone; it's that simple.

2 Steps Enables Apps

Why do we monitor? To deliver future-ready solutions that meet the most stringent customer demands? To win clients, generate growth, and create smiles? Or is it to unify and mandate spectacular experiences across our apps and services? It's all of the above! So why should you use a monitoring solution that puts you in a box and tapes the seams shut?

Traditional, Selenium-based frameworks force you to work against the grain. Want to enable 2FA to prevent 99.9% of hacks? That's great! But you can't enable 2FA and use Selenium. Suddenly, monitoring is a crutch. You're bouncing around, creating complicated scripts to simply work in your environment. It's madness!

Enough is enough. 2 Steps is feature-agnostic. Our solution works with 2FA, VMs, and nearly any feature in the ever-expanding Git universe. Go ahead. Add that crazy-cool module to your web app. We'll support it. Our one-of-a-kind engine plays nice with everyone. And that's the way it should be.

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